Monday, October 10, 2016

Sweet Song of The Soul

The distance between us questions possibilities,
Two souls who connect yet shall stay detached,
Life running along parallel tracks that shall never meet,
Yet hope says they would someday be entwined.

UnInhibited feelings spoken, thoughts exchanged,
Unassuming how the world would read them,
Prejudices can't be fought, let free thoughts sail,
It's a battle less spoken, but I know many shall be fought.

Feelings expressed in words for many are view points,
Sometimes misunderstood, unacceptable for few.
Thoughts expressed are sometimes song of a bleeding heart,
These emotions maybe shunned by many as no art.

Questioned and unacceptable orphan thoughts,
Wish to die accepted, but denied and stay detest.
Don't let yourself be consumed by the opinions of others,
Your soul deserves a sweet song, let it be one about it's zest.

-VJ says ~ cheers and peace 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Let's accept, It's important to fail!!!

The other day in midst of a long tiring journey from the airport I zoned out in thoughts, looking outside the window. What was I thinking? I was trying to fathom as to what's the single most element distinguishing mediocrity from excellence.

A lot of us have this beautiful idea in our mind to be achievers of some sort. Each individual has their own definition of excellence. All of it leading to creating a happy space in our minds. But these remain mere ideas and definitions in our head.

We have a lot of clutter occupying our minds. Some of it even includes being less appreciative of others success. Being too bothered about right and wrong of others choices. A bunch of useless thoughts which in no way are going to be helping us in our pursuit of happiness. When we are done with all the wining about the world and people in it, we get on with our mediocre life.

We seem to believe that there is solace in the cocoon of mediocrity.

"There are no easy ways, no escapes, 
Yet we wish silently things be different. 
Reality will be starring right in the face, 
Yet we wouldn't mind building castles in the air. 
Sometimes solace is hard to find in our crowded lives, 
We sneak into the cozy corner of our mind."

I feel that's exactly what needs to change. We need to attempt and break out of that cocoon we built around us. Not for anyone else, but for our own self, to feel enriched and be happy. This means that it's change that we need to embrace.

"Change is the biggest challenge of life, 
Change as they say is also constant. 
The more you avoid it, the more difficult it gets, 
It feels absolutely light within, when you begin to accept it."

So why is it so hard for us all to accept and be a part of the process of change? In my personal opinion it stems from a  fear, the fear of failure is determent to the change we seek.

Most of us are brought up in a high pressure environment with constant push to excel. We been taught the societal definition of right and wrong. Been deceived of opportunities to explore our self in a natural way and been forced to toe the lines of the right, defined by others. In the same breath we have also been made to carry the burden of not letting us commit mistakes. Failure in any form being judged as sign of incompetence.

This is what we need to overcome not just for ourselves, but also for the next  generation we will be responsible for. The first step to get over the fear of failure, is to accept that it's okay to fail. The change we seek may not happen overnight, but we got to keep attempting to triumph over the element of fear.

Most importantly it needs to be at the heart of an individuals journey to work towards transforming self in to a better version of us. All this not to get a pat on the back and impress anyone else. But to feel happy within of having got control of our own lives and building our own destiny.

- VJ says ~ cheers and peace

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Take a leap of faith

Life always has few surprise cards stashed away from the deck of cards you are dealt with. It's not everyday that you chance upon meeting people who leave you with these little nuggets of powerful message.

Just the other day I was at this party on the shores of Kovalam Beach. Needless to say that after a long day of chatter and conversations largely related to work, the soul seeks a way to unwind.

In midst of the busy gathering a conversation that I had gave me enough fodder to share few interesting thoughts in this blog post of mine.

This conversation was with a man in his early fifties, I am assuming that his age should be there about. The conversation generally kicked off with the rhetorical question, "so what do you do?" "Travel photography", pat came the reply. Being an amateur photography enthusiasts I couldn't resist not engaging in the conversation.

The next few minutes we talked at length about the places he has traveled to and some of the recent pictures he has shot.

The interesting part of the conversation was when he told about having given up a 27 year old career as an advertising guy, in his early fiftees to purse his passion for travel photography.

The zeal with which he spoke about his passion and the glitter in his eyes made it very evident that the soul within him was at a joyfull high. He spoke with a serene sense of satisfaction.

Chasing your passion isn't driven by age, the realization is intrinsic to one's existence. What I do realize is the reality that we need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone. The false pretexts to deny our souls what it craves for. Freedom is what it seeks to work toward fulfillment.

I have seen that glow many a times, adorning the face of the people who are living their passion. It's never about how other people feel about it, it's about how we as individuals feel about our passion.

When you decide to shut your ears to the cynics and take a leap of faith with open arms, a new you is born.

- VJ says ~ Cheers and peace 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A soulful singer and a surreal evening

It was one of those evenings I wished to wrap it all up as soon as I could and hit my sack. Well quiet understandably the escape route wasn’t going to be an easy one. Considering the fact that it was the sun down event of a half a week long brand summit I was participating in.

A few awkward moments and a good strong drink later the urge to escape was subsiding. Yet I was a tad unsure the mild intoxication could hold me in that place for long. The sound of the sea waves hitting the rocks by the beach of Kovalam and the breeze of wind blowing across was helping me calm down and sink in to the surrounding.

Just then an unknown, unheard artist came on the stage. It was a band comprising of a vocalist and a music mixer AKA DJ. It was only a matter of time before the soulful voice of the vocalist signing some of the best indie classics, sufi songs and ghazals filled the open air gathering.

I could feel the music slowly growing on me. Well it wasn’t me alone, a careful look around and it was evident that the vocalist had made a strong connect with the audience. The co-artist and the vocalist seemed like a great team, making the crowd wanting more of that surreal music they been dishing out.

It was only later, post the performance I got to catch up with the artist duo. They were an absolute pleasure to talk to. The conversation was the much needed trigger, to rekindle the passionate music lover in me to write a thank you note through this blog post.

For all those who wondering who the artists were, Madhuparna Vaidya the vocalist and her accompanying music producer DJ Aar. The vocalist in particular was an absolute delight, a trained singer with a mystical ability to make people stay engrossed and melt away in the sea of musical notes.

Mere words can never justify the portraying of my experience. I am only glad to share the link for all of you to check out some of the songs sung by her.

Go ahead and discover for yourself this amazing singer and her brilliance in dishing out really moving songs. She has a good collection of many covers and a couple of originals to her credit. A fusion artist you should have on your radar and not miss out on listening to her live if you were to ever get a chance.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace